The Little White Sprite

A boy thinks there is something living inside the old hollow tree that stands in the park. It is only when he is pulled through a hole and finds himself inside the tree that the boy discovers what it is — a little white Sprite. They play together in the Sprite’s world, but when it’s time for the boy to return, the Sprite doesn’t want him to leave. This thought-provoking story will introduce children to the idea found in Alice in Wonderland and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe of a character leaving behind the familiar world and entering a magical one, then having to get back again. The lyrical tone of the story is matched by delicate watercolour illustrations and typeface.


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Illustrations in watercolour on paper. The line is done in watercolour with a fine rigger brush.

Year Published: 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9565108-1-5


This beautiful book captures perfectly a child’s sense of a haunted world all around him...

Jill Paton Walsh

The Little White Sprite is so calm and really attractive in that the reader doesn’t want it to stop, then the ending isn’t quite what you thought it might be. After all the trends, especially children’s, that I’ve enjoyed I’m still delighted when something that stops me comes into view. Please accept my belated thanks for this surprise.

Margaret Meek